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Gambling bill squeaks through House committee

A controversial effort to ban Internet gambling cleared a House committee Tuesday, despite opposition from lawmakers who said it contains too many loopholes and from those who said it imposes too many restrictions.

The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee approved the bill by voice vote after an hours-long debate that had taken the better part of two previous sessions. It must be reconciled with a similar effort passed by the Financial Services Committee before the full House can vote on it. read more

Five Truths About Online Gambling

We’ve put together a list of the most common misconceptions about online gambling and are setting the record straight for each one. But as you’ll see, not everything is black and white in the world of Net betting.

1. Online gambling isn’t random. – False. Online casinos use random number generators (RNGs) for all games. The RNGs are (usually) software programs that use mathematical formulas to regulate which card is dealt, where the ball drops for roulette, and where the wheel stops in slots. The number that causes a certain action has no relation to the number that came before it or the number that will come after it. read more

Experts Protest Online Gambling Bills

Gambling experts told a congressional panel Thursday that efforts to ban Internet gambling would prove ineffective, and Congress should instead consider regulating the fast-growing industry.

ONLINE CASINOS and sports-wagering facilities create many problems, witnesses told a House of Representatives subcommittee. Barriers to children’s’ participation are weak, most operations are not regulated, and compulsive gamblers can quickly see their habits spiral out of control, they said.

One policeman spent over $100,000 of his department’s money on Internet gambling and now faces fraud charges, said Dr. Valerie Lorenz of the Compulsive Gambling Center.. read more