Former nun scoops casino jackpot

A former nun’s prayers were answered when she won almost £1 million at Caesars Atlantic City casino.

Catherine Foy won the jackpot on the third pull of the handle on a slot machine.

She had put just nine coins into the Jeopardy slot machine when bells started ringing.

She said: “I always knew that the Lord was going to help me pay my bills, I just didn’t know that it would be so soon.”

The 56-year-old former nun, who lives in Philadelphia, took home a cheque for £47,000.

She will receive an equal sum annually for the next 19 years.

Foy, who was a member of the Sister Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary, said that she will use her winnings to pay off her debts and will share the remainder with her family and her former order.

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